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This Is 1 Big Secret To Make It On Youtube

*The best marketing and delivery system for your online video products 

In the past year it has become easier than ever to launch an online video business-or even start your own niche TV channel. is the best package available for marketing and selling your online video products. This site provides Internet publishing services, which means that you can create your own Internet channel on Brightcove.

Brightcove includes everything you need to sell video content to your customers: digital rights management support, payment processing, download and delivery, and customer service support. You set rental and sale prices for your video downloads. (You can rent video downloads for one, three, seven, or thirty days.) Brightcove lets you launch an Internet video channel on your own web site and grow your channel into a thriving online video or TV business. Brightcove also lets you grow your business through syndication to affiliate web sites. This is Internet video at its best.

What makes this site so special is the Brightcove business model. Members can select one of various revenue streams and control where their content appears on the Internet. One revenue option is to allow Brightcove to add their advertising to your video-when this happens, they split advertising revenue with you. (No ads are run on paid video downloads.) Brightcove gives producers control over how ads appear in their videos. A company can even choose to host its content on the Brightcove platform and set its own rates for advertising.

The Brightcove Platform for professional content providers and marketers allows you to set up video channels on your own web site and syndicate your video content to affiliate sites. As your audience increases, your revenue from sales and advertising will also increase.

A free Brightcove Network account gives you unlimited access to video broadcasting, storage, delivery, and distribution services. As soon as you register, you can start publishing your videos and set up your Internet channel. The best thing about Brightcove is how it empowers users. You used to be a creator of video products for the Worldwide Web-Brightcove gives you the power to be a broadcaster of online video products.

Concentrate on what you do best
One of the most powerful aspects of the Brightcove Platform is how you can use it to create a community of users around your site. Brightcove lets you create what is essentially your own YouTube niche site. You can encourage viewers to put their own videos on your site, just like users do on YouTube. You control all aspects of this process, of course-review, approval, and publishing of videos uploaded by your viewers.

The greatest benefit of Brightcove is that it lets you concentrate on what you do best-creation and marketing of video products. This is astonishing; it is now possible to launch an Internet TV channel without the huge capital investment traditionally required for putting a show on the air. Brightcove is a platform that can scale to handle whatever you give it, and it is already hosting content from some of the largest media companies in the world.

*Why video product creation is so easy today 

If you have a camera phone and a computer, you can create a video product and distribute it on the Internet as free or paid content. Video podcasting is the simplest and least expensive way to create and distribute a video product on the Internet. Anyone with a broadband connection and some simple tools can create an Internet channel today to broadcast content to a potential audience of millions.

Produce your video The easiest way to capture video content is to shoot it with a digital video camera or camera phone. If you want to create the highest quality, you can use a webcam. And if your digital still-camera has a recording feature, you can shoot video clips with it, too. If you have a Mac, you can use iMovie or Final Cut Pro to capture a video directly from your camera. If you have Windows XP or Vista on your PC, you already have all the basic video capture and editing software you'll need, so you can get your feet wet without investing additional money in software. If you decide to invest in software, Adobe Premiere Pro is the best program to use to upload video to your computer.

The marketing power of viral video The majority of video content on the Internet is transmitted virally and downloaded freely, so you may want to consider the advantages of producing viral videos as well as paid video content. Viral videos can dramatically increase traffic to your web site or blog. Popular viral videos featured on the YouTube homepage can bring millions of new visitors in just a few days to the site that the video links to.

Viral video is one of the most effective and powerful tools that you can use to increase traffic to your site. If you've designed your site to achieve a good conversion rate of visitors to sales, then you should always consider the creation of viral video content as one of your key marketing strategies. People come to your site because they liked one of your viral videos; when they visit your site, they find out about paid video downloads, eBooks, and other products and services you offer.

You can post your video content on YouTube and Google Video for free. Include your web site or blog URL at the beginning of the text description of your video. If viewers like it, their comments will achieve a high ranking for your video. When your ranking increases, you may find it featured on the YouTube home page. Other web sites and blogs will want to link to your video, individual viewers tell their friends about
it, and then you have a popular viral video, which spreads over the Internet to an audience of millions. This can bring a dramatic increase in your traffic and sales.

Build your community of users first, talk to advertisers second. When you have more traffic, be sure that you know your demographics. When you know how many people are visiting your site-and something about them-you're ready to show the figures to advertisers.


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